Lucy H. Lin


I design/apply natural language processing methods to help advance understanding of socially-relevant issues in media, policy, and technology.

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, where I am advised by Noah Smith; my research has been funded in part by a NSF Graduate Fellowship (awarded 2016). I will be joining Spotify Research in early 2022.

Before grad school, I was a software engineer at Microsoft (Skype for Business Server), and before that, I graduated with a BSE in Computer Science and Certificate in Finance from Princeton University in 2012.


Idea matching and measurement

The partisan dimensions of religious rhetoric: Merging qualitative and natural language processing approaches to measure Congressional behavior
Sarah K. Dreier, Lucy H. Lin, Sofia Serrano, Emily K. Gade, Noah A. Smith
Manuscript in preparation; presented at Text As Data (2018) & Conference on Politics and Computational Social Science (2019).
Natural language processing for analyzing disaster recovery trends expressed in large text corpora
| paper | abstract | slides |
Semantic matching against a corpus: New applications and methods
Preprint; presented at NW-NLP (2018).
| paper | abstract | slides |

Syntax, semantics, and representations

Parsing with multilingual BERT, a small corpus, and a small treebank
In Findings of EMNLP (2020); presented at SIGTYP (2021).
| paper | abstract | code | talk by Ethan |
Situating sentence embedders with nearest neighbor overlap
Lucy H. Lin, Noah A. Smith
Preprint; presented at Text As Data (2019).
| paper | abstract | slides |
Improving natural language inference with a pretrained parser
Preprint (2019).
| paper | abstract | code |

Analysis of news text

PolitiFact language audit
Technical report for PolitiFact (2018).
| paper | abstract |


Gender demographics of invited seminar speakers reflect gender disparities of faculty hosts
Rachel A. Hutto, Lisa Voelker, Jacob J. O'Connor, Lucy H. Lin, Natalia Mesa, Claire Rusch
In submission.
Cascading failures in financial networks
Lucy H. Lin
Undergraduate senior thesis (advisor: Andrea LaPaugh).


lucylin [at] cs [dot] washington [dot] edu